Pavilion Rideshare is a network connecting drivers and passengers across Williamson County and is comprised of Pavilion members, volunteers and others who need or can give rides. While the primary focus of the program is to get people to and from Pavilion and Pavilion events, the rideshare program also serves as a way to get people to work, doctors’ offices, grocery stores, etc.


The Pavilion Rideshare Program is for Pavilion members. However, if you are not a member, but need a ride to Pavilion for the first time, we will arrange a ride for you. 


To set up a ride, text Ben Miller @ 512-966-2792 and give 48 hours notice.


If you would like to use this program to get rides in your local area, we can connect you with the right driver. You can work concessions at Dell Diamond or the HEB Center to earn rideshare credits, or you have the option to pay out of pocket. 

The partnership Pavilion has formed with Ryan Sanders Baseball has created an opportunity to help fund the rideshare program. At the HEB Center or Dell Diamond, Pavilion members will be able to work with other members at a game or event for about 4 1/2 hours and earn a rideshare credit that they can use to pay for 6 weeks or more worth of rides. Funding the rideshare program this way keeps money in passengers’ pockets & at the same time allows them to pay drivers a profitable fee. Negotiation of fees will not be necessary between driver and passenger because a system of standard fees will be established.


If you would like to be a driver, we will need to do a brief info-gathering interview.


Drivers will always have the option of accepting or rejecting a ride.

We Need You!

We cannot fully depend on the public transportation system in Williamson County to meet everyone’s needs, so we will have to work with our community to help people get to where they need to go.


We are still looking for more drivers to fully cover Williamson County and get our program fully functioning! Currently, we are have the essential pieces in place, but are looking to expand our program to better serve our members. 

If you want to help people in your community get rides to Pavilion or other important places, we would like to talk to you.

Work with us to get people to Pavilion where they can grow and thrive, recover, and move out of the cycle of isolation caused by mental illness and substance abuse.